Financial Affidavit

A financial affidavit is a written form, completed by the client, listing the client's income, expenses, investments, debts, and assets. The content of this form must be truthful and as accurate as possible. It is important to note that a financial affidavit should include both necessary spending and actual spending. That is, we ask that you report what you must spend in order to meet your needs, as well as what you've actually spent to meet your needs. This is particularly necessary in divorce cases involving children, because future divorcees often neglect expenses that were, during the marriage, rather routine. For instance, a future single mother may easily neglect the additional travel expense associated with picking the child(ren) up from day-care, when during their marriage, the father/husband performed that duty. Simply put, our clients must think carefully about the often neglected expenses that will become exceedingly apparent post-divorce.

The client will be required to provide proof of the financial information provided. For instance, if a client claims to pay $250.00 a month in utility bills, the client will need to provide a set of recent statements proving the expense(s).

A financial affidavit is merely one part of mandatory disclosure. However, it is a critical component, and must be provided to the attorney in a timely fashion. Failing to do the aforementioned will be detrimental to the outcome of the client's case and will increase attorney's fees.