Gainesville Partnership Dispute Attorneys

From Hewlett Packard and Procter and Gamble to Apple, Microsoft and Google, some of the most enduring and wildly successful businesses have emerged from partnerships. When great minds get together, whether they think alike or not, amazing things can happen.

The same passion and commitment that produces brilliant business achievements can also lead to bitter and seemingly unsolvable partnership disputes. The Law Office of Robert W. Bauer, P.A., in Gainesville helps businesses of all sizes in northern Florida resolve partnership disputes effectively and efficiently, allowing companies to remain competitive and retain their value.

Partnership disputes emerge from a wide range of differences, from growth strategies and capital investment, to business succession plans and decisions regarding buying out a partner or bringing a new one on board. Our firm has experience handling all types of partnership disputes; we have established a strong track record of resolving these matters in a manner that allows the partners to continue to work together to grow the business.

We Look To Negotiate While Preparing To Litigate

In general, it costs less and is more favorable to partners to resolve disputes through negotiation or mediation. We favor this approach and work to achieve a fair agreement if the parties involved share the same goal.

Some cases cannot be solved amicably, however. In these situations, we stand prepared to protect our clients' interests in court. This may involve the termination of the partnership. We make sure our clients understand the full implications of litigation as well as the economic consequences of any resolution.

Put An Experienced Partnership Dispute Lawyer In Your Corner

We emphasize clear and constant communication with our clients throughout the case. If you face a partnership dispute, it is important to address the issue with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

Call 352-260-0207 or email us to schedule a consultation. We will review the facts of your dispute and recommend the best steps to take.