Gainesville Business Litigation Attorneys

In today's competitive business environment, one or two significant mistakes can threaten small and mid-sized companies' very existence. Business owners are charged with monitoring emerging technology and competitive threats, recruiting and retaining top performers, and protecting the company against security breaches and other risks. How does one even begin to address the legal concerns that are part of the routine concerns of running a business?

The Law Office of Robert W. Bauer, P.A., in Gainesville serves as trusted general counsel to a number of small and mid-sized businesses, and tackles litigation for companies of all sizes. We protect our clients' interests and advocate aggressively in a wide range of legal matters, including:

Cooperative When It Makes Sense, Aggressive When It's Necessary

We believe in negotiating from a position of strength. We are not in the business of finding adequate compromises for our clients when litigating for more favorable outcomes makes sense. To that end, attorney Robert W. Bauer develops every case fully in his attempt to force opposing counsel to concede.

Our business clients are assured of working directly with an attorney and having quick access when they need it. By establishing an ongoing relationship with a number of small business clients in northern Florida, we have learned a great deal about their industry and their long-term strategies. This is a great benefit when developing the proper legal strategy for a specific issue.

With a full understanding of the economic pressures placed on small businesses today — we operate one ourselves, after all — we always strive to resolve matters in the most cost-efficient manner possible. At the same time, we will not cut corners at the expense of producing the best possible outcome.

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